What is CryptoMarkting?

It is an Automated donation platform for mutual aid to give and receive, CryptoMarkting , a platform where you can train with our online courses for your own ventures.

How do I join CryptoMarkting?

Through a Universal link sent to you by the person you contacted to request information ..

Is CryptoMarkting Available Worldwide?

It is available to anyone with an Internet connection, a Bitcoin wallet, and the willingness to become a member.

What Processors Are Used?

Bitcoin processors.

Can I have more than one account?

Yes, it can. increasing its effectiveness in own benefits and teamwork.

Is there a refund?

There is no refund, since it is a platform of services and products in which by the mere fact of registering and making a very small contribution of 0.0009 Btc you get an automated marketing system for this or the ventures you want.

Can I use the same IP address to open other accounts for other people?

Yes, if you can, controlling and organizing to avoid stacking your own accounts.

Can I receive a currency other than Bitcoin?

NO, it cannot, it is a platform that only receives and sends Bitcoin

Is it mandatory to refer?

No, but if you do, your benefits will yield better

Are there any requirements to be a member of CryptoMarkting?

If there is, be responsible, consistent and be aware of your platform for a. Better understanding of the steps to follow.

What is Crowdfunding?

A system of donations between users of our system.

What does decentralized mean?

Decentralized means that behind there is no company capturing your money. The platform is acting as a mediator between users.

I have some savings and I want to invest them, what does CryptoMarkting offer me?

CryptoMarkting is not an Investment platform.

The earnings arrive at the moment and are not stored in my backoffice, why?

The platform does not hold any money, it is not a bank, the money is distributed directly to users according to progress in the cycles of the automated system and in seconds.

How long will it take to receive earnings?

There is no set time. The time is determined by the users themselves according to the progress in the cycles of the system, the more movements, the faster your merits arrive, but while they arrive you are training for your own endeavors if you wish, for example, train yourself in applications and you can have your own to benefit 100% of your benefits

Do I have more options for profit? If you have them

And what are they? With our Online courses train for example in applications and you can have your own to benefit 100% of your benefits, there are also many more ventures that you can train for your own benefits,

Can I use the services offered by CryptoMarkting?

Yes, if you can make use of our services MLM Software development, Digital marketing, Custom web portals, Custom CMS development, Magento, WordPress and get 10% of your sales.

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